A Review of the Best 5 Project Management Platform in Lebanon


Companies using project management platforms have shown a 92% success rate in meeting project goals. 

With this result, you will see increased demand for top project management platforms across countries. There are many reasons for such demand. The most common reason is the dynamic business environment. Rapid growth and technological advancements have led businesses to adapt to new changes faster. 

One such dynamically changing country is Lebanon. Businesses in Lebanon need unique requirements to deal with their customers and clients. And there are many project management platforms in Lebanon. 

In this blog, we will discuss 5 of Lebanon’s best project management platforms. 

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Best 5 project management platform 
  1. Teamwork.com 


Teamwork.com presents itself as a comprehensive and one of the top project management platforms in Lebanon. It is designed with a focus on client work. It’s a single solution to drive business efficiency, boost profits, and scale. The platform is trusted by over 20,000 firms. It is custom-built to tackle the unique challenges of client service businesses.

It’s a tool for project managers, heads of operations, and business founders. So they can rely on them to keep their teams efficient and their clients happy.


  • Balanced Team Capacity: This ensures equal work distribution among team members. This prevents burnout and promotes healthy utilization across projects. It’s like having a vigilant coach who provides everyone on the team is contributing.
  • Centralized Operations Control:  It is like a command center. It ensures that every detail of your client projects is visible. From assets to financial reporting, Teamwork.com organizes it all in one system of record.
  • Optimized Recurring Revenue: It tracks time, rates, and expenditures. And help balance budget fluctuations to ensure a steady flow of income.
  • Robust Project Management: The platform acts as a strategic planner. Teamwork.com prioritizes tasks while providing detailed reports on every aspect of performance. It’s like having an eagle’s eye view of all your projects, teams, and clients.
  • Streamlined Integration: Teamwork.com plays well with other tools. It integrates seamlessly so you can run all your operations in one place. It’s like having a universal remote for all your client work operations.


Customized pricing 

  1. Jira 


Atlassian’s Jira Software proclaims to be the go-to tool for agile teams. It’s designed to help them move quickly, stay aligned, and build better together. It offers a single source for planning, tracking, reporting, and automating software development processes. Jira defines its adaptability, starting with simple setups and growing as complex. Jira ensures that it molds to the team’s workflow rather than vice versa.

Jira is trusted by over 100,000 organizations. And equipped with features and best practices that agile teams need to develop. And evolve their agile practices. It’s built to scale, offering solutions for teams as small as one and as large as 35,000. Jira promises seamless growth without the growing pains.


  • Agile Planning: Jira turns grand visions into actionable tasks. User issues and tasks are laid out so teams can tackle big ideas step by step. It ensures everything gets noticed in translation from the whiteboard to the workflow.
  • Templates for a Head Start: These are like having a seasoned guide for your project’s journey. Even if you’re using Scrum or Kanban, tracking bugs, or integrating DevOps into your process,
  • Customization: Jira is flexible enough to make as many customizations as possible. It begins with a simple form but can be molded to fit the unique outline of your team’s processes and growth by ensuring the tool evolves with you.
  • Seamless Integrations: Your existing tools stay caught up with Jira. It allows you to connect various applications and services from the Atlassian Marketplace. This helps in creating a cohesive and centralized workflow.
  • Focus for Developers: Jira understands developers want to immerse themselves in code. Open DevOps is the bridge that connects coding to collaboration. This allows developers to stay in the zone and keep business objectives in clear view.


Free: $0

Standard: $8.15/user/month/billed yearly

Premium: $16/user/month/billed yearly

Enterprise: Customized plan

  1. SmartSuite 


SmartSuite is a collaborative work management. It simplifies the complexity of work for teams of all sizes. It’s a single platform designed to plan, track, and manage workflow. It can be routine tasks to complex projects and processes.

The platform offers a unified system for project management tool. Enabling teams to manage tasks, milestones, owners, and resources efficiently. SmartSuite provides flexible reports and timelines to track the current status of projects. It offers a range of visualization tools like dashboards, grids, kanbans, and calendars. This helps teams see their work their way.


  • Workflow Automation: SmartSuite takes the tedium out of repetitive tasks. It ensures that tasks are assigned, statuses are updated, and comments are posted automatically.
  • Team Collaboration: The platform redefines teamwork by embedding conversations where the work happens. With SmartSuite, there is no more switching between apps to discuss tasks. It’s all about efficiency and keeping the dialogue flowing within the workflow.
  • AI-Enhanced Workflows: SmartSuites AI will keep your project one step ahead. It helps teams categorize customer feedback, generate content, and draft reports. AI is the silent powerhouse streamlining processes and sparking innovation for every department.
  • Rich Integrations: SmartSuite brings all the tools your team needs in one place. Everything from communication to project management platforms coexists seamlessly. It ensures that your workflow is uninterrupted and cohesive.
  • Diverse Solutions: Despite being in different fields like sales, marketing, or HR, SmartSuite has tailored solutions. Whatever the task, there’s a tool designed to help you do it better. 


Free: $0

Team:: $10/user/month/billed yearly

Professional: $25/user/month/billed yearly

Enterprise: $35/user/month/billed yearly

  1. Trello


Trello is a visually driven project management platform in lebanon. It empowers teams and individuals to organize. And prioritize projects in a flexible, rewarding, and collaborative way. The platform’s intuitive design allows quick setup and easy navigation. It allows a clear visual representation of your tasks and projects.

It’s a tool that scales with ease. It is suitable for personal to-do lists and complex team projects. It gathers everything and fits in a user-friendly interface. Trello focuses on bringing the simplicity of a sticky note system to the digital world. So that the collaboration happens in real time and productivity is visible and measurable.


  • Viewing option: Trello’s view options have a multifaceted lens for every project. You can switch views to understand the project’s status from various perspectives. This ensures comprehensive oversight.
  • Streamlined Task Automation: Trello’s automation feature is known as Butler. With simple natural commands, it automates the flow of tasks. And ensures that repetitive actions are executed with precision.
  • Power-Ups: It bridges to other applications and expands the functionality of your boards. They’re like adding specialized tools to your toolkit. It enhances your ability to manage and execute tasks.
  • Ready-to-Use Templates: Each template serves as a foundational layout for various projects. These templates are crafted by industry leaders and the Trello community. They provide a solid starting point for any new opportunity.
  • Seamless App Integrations: Trello can connect with your team’s software. It creates a centralized hub for all your project management platform needs.


Free: $0

Standard: $5per user/month, billed yearly

Premium: $10 per user/month, billed yearly

Enterprise: $17.50 per user/month, billed yearly

  1. Wrike 


Wrike is a comprehensive project management platform. A software that streamlines the entire lifecycle of work for teams and organizations. It’s a platform where planning, execution, and completion of projects happen in real time. Wrike solves project management platform challenges by offering advanced features. This enhances the workflow, automates processes, and optimizes resources.

The platform is designed to simplify complex workflows. This makes it easy for teams to visualize priorities and encourage collaboration. And maintain control over their projects. It’s also known for its workflow management software. It is user-friendly and connects strategy with execution in a practical, accessible manner.


  • Workflow Management: Wrike transforms complex project tasks into a streamlined process. The workflow management feature allows you to visualize the entire project. It’s about creating a workflow that is also intuitive. 
  • Process Automation: Wrike’s process automation is the magic wand that makes this possible. It’s a feature that works tirelessly in the background. It assigns tasks, updates statuses, and ensures your project runs smoothly. 
  • Templatized Plans: Starting a new project is like staring at a blank canvas. Wrike’s templatized plans are the paint-by-numbers solution that can help. These templates are crafted from best practices across industries. And provide a structured starting point for any project. 
  • Risk Monitoring: Navigating potential pitfalls of a project is essential in project management. This feature allows you to identify risks before they become issues. And provide the foresight needed to run your projects clear of trouble.
  • Resource Management: It gives you an overview of who is doing what and how much capacity they have. This helps in the efficient allocation of tasks. This ensures that team members are engaged but calm. And promote a healthy work environment where projects thrive.



Team: $9.80 per 

Business: $24.80per user/month, billed yearly

Entreprise: Customized plan

Pinnacle: Customized plan


Project management platforms in Lebanon are essential for steering projects effectively and boosting efficiency. But the selection process itself can consume significant time and resources.

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