Top 5 Project Management Solutions for UAE Businesses


12% of all resources are wasted due to bad project management solutions.  

Every business faces distinct hurdles and keeping track of work is one of them. The UAE, with its unique business landscape, demands specialized project management solutions designed to meet its specific needs. 

Hence we have got you covered! In this blog we will explore best project management solutions for individuals and businesses in the UAE.

Let’s get started! 

Top 5 Project Management Solutions for UAE Businesses

There are many best free project management softwares available in the market. But to cater specific requirements, here are some customized solutions for UAE business. 

  1. Zoho Projects 


Zoho Projects is a cloud-based project management software. It’s designed to enhance productivity and collaboration among dynamic teams. It provides a comprehensive platform for planning projects, tracking work, and global collaborations. Zoho Projects is known for its ability to offer a big-picture view of project plans and schedules through intuitive Gantt charts. It ensures the critical task, outlines dependencies, and addresses progress deviations promptly.


  • Gantt Charts: It visualizes project plans and schedules. Also, track task progress and identify critical paths and dependencies.
  • Timesheets: It captures billable and non-billable hours with a detailed timesheet module. It integrates with Zoho Invoice for seamless billing.
  • Task Automation: It saves time with customizable automation for simple and complex workflows. Thanks to a user-friendly drag-and-drop interface.
  • Integrations: Enhance functionality with various integrations, including several Zoho apps and third-party applications.
  • Security: Trust in the enterprise-grade security of ISO 27001 to protect project data and maintain privacy.


Free: ₹0 Up to 3 users

PREMIUM: ₹350/user/month

ENTERPRISE: ₹700/user/month

  1. Oracle Fusion Cloud ERP


Oracle Fusion Cloud ERP’s Project Management  solution for UAE is a sophisticated solution that empowers organizations to deliver exceptional projects from inception to completion. It is a part of the Oracle Fusion Cloud ERP suite, designed to provide complete control over project work. This solution excels in connecting the right people to suitable projects, supporting organizational goals with clear financial performance visibility, and swiftly adapting to changing requirements to ensure customer satisfaction.


  • Plan, Schedule, and Forecast: Offers tools to visualize project plans, allocate resources effectively, and generate budgets and forecasts directly from project or resource plans.
  • Resource Management: Features advanced search and match capabilities to find the perfect resource based on role, skills, and location and provides a comprehensive view of resource supply and demand.
  • Cost Management and Control: Standardizes cost capture across all business functions and offers complete control over project costs and commitments, ensuring budget adherence.
  • Billing and Revenue Management: Automates project billing to maximize cash flow and ensures contract compliance with analytics and billing controls.
  • Project Asset Management: Manages capital projects and calculates accumulated costs, streamlining processes for capital asset creation, cost capture, allocation, and capitalization.


  • Customized pricing plans 
  1. Celoxis 


Celoxis is the best project management software for free and designed to cater to the dynamic needs of businesses in the UAE. It is a robust platform that automates project request intake, facilitates strategic what-if analysis, and offers active project planning. With its powerful resource management and custom workflow apps, Celoxis is tailor-made to optimize business processes and enhance decision-making with customizable portfolio dashboards. Its capabilities make it an ideal tool for UAE businesses looking to streamline their project management practices.


  • Intake Management: Celoxis simplifies the collection and ranking of project requests from various sources, including web forms and emails. This feature allows businesses to align project selection with strategic business objectives, ensuring that resources are allocated to projects that deliver maximum value.
  • Dynamic Project Planning: The software’s project planning tools automatically adjust to real-world conditions, such as resource time-offs and task delays. 
  • Advanced Resource Management: With Celoxis, managing resources across different time zones and shifts becomes effortless. The tool provides detailed analytics by role and skill, enabling optimal workforce utilization.
  • Customizable Portfolio Dashboards: Monitoring project schedules, margins, and other custom metrics is easy with fully customizable portfolio dashboards. These dashboards provide deep insights and facilitate drill-down analysis, crucial for informed decision-making.
  • Powerful Reporting Engine: Celoxis boasts the industry’s most powerful reporting capabilities. Users can slice, dice, and visualize data, including custom fields, to create reports that are not only visually appealing but also provide the necessary insights to drive the organization toward data-driven excellence.


Customized pricing 

  1. Smartsheet


Smartsheet is a free project management platform that is a foundation for managing projects, programs, and processes at scale. A majority of Fortune 100 companies trust it. It is designed to adapt to the needs of any organization, enabling teams to capture, track, and execute their plans and schedules effectively. The platform’s flexibility and integration capabilities ensure that it can accommodate the evolving requirements of businesses of all sizes, driving growth and impact.


  • Rich Set of Views and Workflows: Delivers an array of adaptable views and workflows designed to cater to the distinct needs of every project or enterprise endeavor.
  • Scalability: Empowers companies to grow and adapt their project management practices as business needs evolve, ensuring long-term scalability.
  • Integration-Friendly: Boasts compatibility with various software systems, enhancing utility by fitting seamlessly into existing workflows.
  • Enterprise-Grade Security: Prioritizes security with comprehensive policies and controls, allowing teams to innovate confidently.
  • Professional Services and Support: Provides extensive professional services, support, and training to help users maximize the value of the Smartsheet platform.


  • Free: $0
  • Pro: $ 7/ user/month, billed yearly
  • Business: $25/ user/month, billed yearly
  • Enterprise: Customized pricing 
  1. Todoist


Todoist stands as a streamlined task manager and to-do list application that caters to over 30 million users. It’s designed to declutter your mind by efficiently organizing work and life tasks, promoting a focused and calm approach to productivity. With its intuitive interface, Todoist simplifies project management by automatically categorizing tasks and providing a clear structure for personal and professional goals.


  • Natural Language Input: Quickly add tasks using natural language, and Todoist will automatically recognize due dates and priorities.
  • Task Prioritization: Organizes tasks by urgency, helping you focus on what matters most with views for “Today” and “Upcoming.”
  • Unified Task Management: Manages work and personal tasks in one place, allowing a balanced overview of your daily to-dos.
  • Long-Term Reliability: A commitment to continuous improvement over 16 years, ensuring a dependable platform for life’s various projects.
  • Global Accessibility: Available in multiple languages and across 160+ countries, making it a versatile choice for diverse teams and individuals.


  • Beginner: $0
  • Pro: $4/ month/billed yearly
  • Business: $6/ member/month/billed yearly
Factors to consider when choosing project management solutions for UAE Businesses

When choosing a online project management solution for UAE business, it is important to consider the following factors:

Understanding the specific needs of your business

The first step is to understand the specific needs of your business. What types of projects do you need to manage? How many users will need to use the solution? What features and functionality are most important to you? Once you have a good understanding of your software needs, you can start to narrow down your options.

Scalability and flexibility of the solution

As your business grows, you will need a project management solution that can scale with you. Choose a solution that can support your current and future needs.

In addition, the solution should be flexible enough to adapt to your changing needs. For example, you may need to be able to add or remove users, change permissions, or add new features as needed.

Integration capabilities with other tools and software

Suppose you use other tools and software in your business. In that case, it is vital to choose a project management solution that can integrate with them. This will help to streamline your workflows and improve efficiency.

For example, you may want to integrate your project management solution with your CRM system, accounting software, or help desk software.

Cost-effectiveness and return on investment

Project management solutions can range in price from a few dollars to hundreds of dollars per month. It is crucial to choose a solution that is cost-effective for your business and that will provide a return on investment.

Consider the cost of the solution, as well as the cost of training and support. Also, consider the time that you will save by using a project management solution.

User-friendliness and training requirements

The project management solution should be user-friendly for your team members. Make sure to choose a solution that is easy to learn and use. You should also consider the training requirements for the solution. Will you need to provide training to your team members? If so, how much time and resources will this require?


Project management solutions have become essential to sustain in this growth-driven business world as it enables businesses to overgrow with technological advancements. And allows businesses to adapt to the dynamic business environment. And if you are looking for a project management solution for UAE business, then Zoftware Hub is one of the best. 

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Their platform simplifies the software search process. It allows businesses to define their requirements, compare various options, and make decisions based on genuine user reviews.

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